Side Table Style

What’s in a side table? Often overlooked, this little surface can take a space from good to great.

A side table is extremely useful for things you want to keep close and accessible. Ever settled in an armchair with a cup of tea, then wondered where you could put your empty cup? Not to mention the accompanying sweet treat?

Or what about that monstera plant you’ve been tending to for months? While you’re waiting for it to reach a good height for maximum showfactor, how about propping it up? Side tables are multipurpose.

Easily placed next to the bed, between couches, at the end of a bench, to the side of a door- the possibilities are endless. It can be convenient or purely decorative, use it how you like. 

Within our first exclusive range with Finori, we have three simple styles. They’re ready and waiting to make your space that much better.

The Imola

Four pieces make this simple side table: a circular white top with three solid wood legs. It would take a lamp or plant well. And in three sizes, you could use and display them nested.

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The Fano

This one’s got a bit of an edge. Literally. Ideal as a bedside table or a place for keys and knick-knacks, the tray-style design keeps everything together.

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The Carpi

There’s a bit of personality in this one. In contrasting white and wood, the Carpi has a handy drawer that looks good and works well. Perfect as a bedside, or next to the couch where you can stow away any remotes (or movie treats)! 

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